Every year in Bulgaria around the end of february the Surva Folk Festival takes place. On this day young men, dressed in elaborate self-made costumes and adorned with huge cowbells, rid their villages of evil forces by making themselves look as scary as possible and creating a huge amount of noise. These are the KUKERI. Unfortunately, the festival is rather secluded which means that few people ever even heard of it. Since there are similar traditions around the globe our goal as creators is to increase awareness of those similarities across different cultures and create an opportunity for people around the globe to take part in a custom they otherwise would not be able to.

Become a Kuker and chase away the evil spirits from your village during the bulgarian Surva Festival. Discover an ancient tradition from the Balkans and take an active part in it.

Since the topic of cultural understanding in this day and age is important and the interactive part is quite extensive, we hope to be able to capture a big audience. Taking the role of a nobody, freeing a village of evil and becoming the hero of the village is classic tale of the young underdog, which makes it easily accessible for all ages. There are also two different variations of the experience that we plan to create – an experience which can be played at home as well as one that has more of an exhibition character. We also think that it is possible to extend the project to showcase not only bulgarian culture but also include other traditions from around the world as well.

Client: Personal Project
Date: Work in Progress