Jolly Jousting

Jolly Jousting is an interactive concept for a medieval-style event, in which two valiant knights may duel for honor and glory.

These knights, each protected by a helmet and a harness and riding upon their trusty steeds, have to aim their lances to hit the armor of their opponent. Should one hit the opponents harness, one point is given. If the helmet is hit, the brave knight shall receive two points.

The central piece of this concept is the projection. We designed various characters: a royal couple, king and queen, as well as a commentator, who actively engages the crowd and reacts to what is going on in front of him.

Also, the commentator interacts with two of our three developers, who are the knights humble squires. They arm the duellists and help them mount their steeds. After a round is finished, they will give the digital commentator information about where each knight was hit. The commentator in return will reward the knights with points.

The tournament ends after three successful rounds without draws.

Client: personal project
Date: 2015